What is the value of Library of Chinese Classics?

There is a huge value in the Library of Chinese Classics because the books

  1. Introduce Chinese culture to Western readers
  2. Enable Western readers to read Chinese literature that has, until now, been unavailable to them.
  3. Help learners of Chinese to both read Chinese classics in the original as well as using the bilingual format with English on one page and Chinese next to it to increase understanding.
  4. Remind Chinese readers of the importance of their history and their great culture.


Library of Chinese Classics is a valuable tool and the books are available in several different languages, with the name Libary of Chinese Classics the books are available in English and Chinese. They are also available in Arabic and Chinese, German and Chinese, French and Chinese and Spanish and Chinese. Books from the Library of Chinese Classics are available at Chinese Bookshop.

Introducing the Library of Chinese Classics

Library of Chinese Classics is an ambitious cultural project to edit, translate, and publish the whole corpus of the Chinese literary classics so that the nation’s greatest cultural achievements can be introduced to people all over the world.

With more than five thousand years of recorded history, the Chinese nation has a glorious culture with many wonderful works of literature.  Library of Chinese Classics as a set aims to bring together all the major works of Chinese literature together in lovely hardback books published in English and Chinese. Through Library of Chinese Classics, the aim is to broaden understanding of Chinese culture in the West and make these classics books more accessible to the modern reader.

Library of Chinese Classics as a series comprises the most influential and representative works from the vast sources of the Chinese literary classics, from the works of the Qin dynasty to works written in the 20th Century, they include philosophy, religion, politics, economics, military, history, literature, art, medicine, and technology, with the aim of fully displaying the best of Chinese culture.

Some of the Library of Chinese Classics have never before been translated into English and so it’s very exciting that finally these books can reach an even wider section of the world. All the works contain simplified Chinese and English in a bilingual hardback edition. The sets range from 1 hardback book to 6 books in sets like Dream of the Red Chamber and Journey to the West. The sets of books within Library of Chinese Classics(大中华文库)  are very collectable and here we aim to explain all the books that comprise Library of Chinese Classics. Of course, this list will always be added to as more books in Library of Chinese Classics are being published all the time. Books from the Library of Chinese Classics are available to purchase at Chinese Bookshop.