Library of Chinese Classics: A New Account of Tales of the World

A New Account of Tales of the World in the two volume hardback set from Library of Chinese Classics. This set is in English and simplified Chinese and is a wonderful addition to any library. This set of A New Account of Tales of the World was published by the Zhonghua Shuju in 2007 and there are 794 pages. A new account of the tales of the world, library of Chinese Classics

A New Account of Tales of the World Synopsis
The major part of A New Account of Tales of the World is the collection of words and deeds by intellectuals and famous people who flourished in the period of time starting from the late Eastern Han (25 – 220 AD) to Eastern Jin Dynasty(317 – 420 AD).

In accordance with the characteristics of their content, all the selected pieces were classified into thirty-six categories which include “Virtuous Conduct”, “Speech and Conversation”, “Affairs of State”, etc. By employing an unique style, the author Liu Yiqing gives his attention to the proper choice of typical details and representative deeds and words, which as a whole, depicts realistically the social and intellectual scenery of Wei and Jin Dynasties, and presents a vivid picture of the lives of people from all walks of life at that time.

A New Account of Tales of the World is part of Library of Chinese Classics and there are over 60 books in the series so far. Library of Chinese Classics is a ‘mirror’ format which means that there is a page of Chinese followed by a page of English. As they are bilingual, the books are extremely suitable for Western readers interested in Chinese culture, people learning Chinese and native Chinese readers who want to read an accessible version of the classics. Since their publication, they have been immensely popular and Library of Chinese Classics has also been translated into Spanish, French, German and Arabic.